Why We Still Need More Rescues

Maricopa Animal Care and Control 

  • Maricopa County has the second highest euthanasia rate in the United States. 
  • For over a decade MCACC took in over 45,000 animals each year.
  • On average between 45-50% of those animals were killed. 
  • In 2010 alone MCACC euthanized over 23,000 animals. 
  • Each year there is approximately 220,000 homes in Maricopa County that are open for incoming animals. 
  • 220,000 waiting homes….23,000+ animals dying…


United States Statistics

  • Approximately 8 million animals enter shelters each year, about 4 million of those animals are killed. 
  • About 3.6 million of those animals COULD BE SAVED (they are not hopelessly ill or injured). 
  • 23 million Americans are looking to adopt an animal each year. 
  • 23 million Americans looking for a new pet…3.6 million savable animals euthanized. 


Where’s The Problem?

  • Between 220,000 and 280,000 homes in Maricopa County are looking for a new pet each year, however, only 20-25% will adopt their new pet from a shelter. 


What We Need To Do:

  • Stop supporting people who breed their animals, for profit or otherwise! I don’t care if we’re talking about puppy mills or not, people should stop breeding their animals!
  • Adopt animals from shelters and rescues, stop purchasing them from breeders! The extra thousands of dollars you spend is not going to get you a better dog. 
  • There are purebreds in shelters and rescues that need adopted too! 


*Thank you Arizona Humane Society for supplying these facts and statistics. Image


Who Am I?


Hello everybody,

There is a simple little synopsis in my “About” section explaining my rescue. But this post is about who I am, and why I’ve decided to take on such a tough journey in life.

I have loved animals since I was little; bringing home countless abandoned baby birds and helping my mom nurse them back to health. I also helped my mom take care of litters of kittens that my sister brought home from her work. My love for animals has never wavered, not even an inch.

After graduating high school I began working at a PetSmart PetHotel. While I loved working around the animals, I knew that this was not where I was meant to be. But I was with that job for almost 3 years, during which time I volunteered with a local animal rescue. That was more like it! That was me.

After leaving PetSmart for school, and then graduating with an Associates in Business, I got a job with a large animal rescue. It felt great working with an organization that saved thousands and thousands of animals every year. But while being there and helping save animals lives, I still wanted more.

I wanted to be the one saving the animals. I wanted to be the one looking into a dogs or cats eyes and saying, “I won’t leave you here, I’ll save you.” Far too often with my current job I have to look into an animals eyes and say, “I’m sorry.”

So Heart 2 Heart is my dream, My dream to finally be able to give an animal its life back.

I appreciate each and every person that has supported me in any way.

Please check out my website; it tells you a little bit more about my rescue, how you can help, how to contact me, etc.



Thank you!!

adopting tinkerbell

Adopting Tinkerbell, she’s the very first dog I ever officially adopted.

Heart 2 Heart @ Google

Heart 2 Heart @ Google

Hello everybody!

I’m currently working on starting my own non profit animal rescue in Maricopa County (which has the 2nd highest euthanasia rate, L.A. has the highest). I’ve created a Facebook group, a Google+ account / Gmail and a website to help promote my rescue. Now it was recommended to me to make an account on WordPress, so here I am!!

So please click the link above to see my Google+ account. If you love animals and have your own Google account, please follow me and help me spread my rescue mission!!!

Thank you!